The Strange Cavefish – Prison Break

Our hero Alastair was serving a 25-year sentence for defending the people.

He had wrongfully been put in prison because of all the corruption that the law and justice had become.

Alastair had been given another 20 years for his failed attempt at escaping.

45 years is a long time for a man to be locked away for a crime he did not do. He was found guilty of helping to conspire against the corruption that placed him in prison. Alastair was thrown willy-nilly into Domokos prison on the Island of Rhodes in Greece.

It had been about 10 years since Alastair had attempted his Prison break and had been caught doing it. He was now putting another plan together to escape once and for all. The prisons in Alastair’s time were pretty much like they are at the present time, you could get anything you wanted but it came with a price.

He had become “friends” with one of the more dangerous prisoners named Demonus. He was pure evil, he had received a punishment of prison for life for the murder of over 100 people. Demonus had connections and could get anything in prison, so Alastair needed him.

Alastair’s new plan to escape involved getting a guard uniform and walking out the front gate of the prison. The guards that were employed by the prison were corrupted worse than the prison itself. Demonous was supposed to get one of the corrupt guards to help with their escape plan.

Once they had the guard on their side then it was just a matter of picking the right day and time to pull their plan off. The guards at the prison still held their party on Wednesday nights just like the time 10 years ago when Alastair tried to escape and failed. This time would have a very different outcome, this time he would succeed in gaining his freedom.

Alastair and Demonus got dressed in the guard uniforms they had gotten hold of and walked right out the front gate of the prison no questions asked. Demonus knew that he could not go the same path as Alastair so once outside they went in different directions.

The first order of business for Alastair was to get off the island but first, he had to get some new clothes which he stole. He then found someone that would take him off the island.


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