The Strange Cavefish – Rhodes Again

So on Wednesday night, the guards did as they always do, they danced and drank wine and got drunk and passed out.

Just as they had always done in the past year that Alastair had been imprisoned at Domokos on the Island of Rhodes in Greece.

Alastair waited until he didn’t hear the guards any longer, and he made his break for it.

He went into the tunnel that he had dug and dropped down into the cave that ran under the prison.

It was dark and wet and for fear of being seen he did not light a torch, he found it very difficult to walk and he stumbled and fell so he crawled to keep from falling. This was taking a very long time something he didn’t have much of because it would be daylight soon.

He could see light at the end of the tunnel but he came to a part of the tunnel that was covered by some kind of unknown plant that was covered by prickle. It hurt a lot to climb over these plants he was getting cuts and scratches on his legs and belly.

This also slowed his progress considerably it was slow going as it was anyway, now it was even slower. Then all of the sudden he could hear men shouting that a person had escaped they were getting louder, he had nowhere to hide he was caught.

The guards dragged him through the prickle patch and the cuts were deeper and he was bleeding profusely. When they had gotten him back in the prison on Rhodes again, a “Dr” was brought in to tend to his wounds. Once the Dr had seen him they beat him for trying to escape they didn’t kill him but he wished he were dead.

Stay tuned because I have plans to continue this story – up next will be “Prison Break

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