Where I Grew Up Is Hidden Away Part 9

Where I Grew Up Is Hidden Away Part 9 is a memoir of my childhood growing up on Quick’s Run Road. My grandmother Alice Queen Cox used to tell me all sorts of stories. Stories about an old woman who was in a wheelchair. She lived across the creek from the little store.

Mamaw claimed this woman was a witch and could do all sorts of unexplainable things. As I remember it her name was Anna Marie, I forgot her last name. She lived across the creek from the store up on the hill.

The old house still stands and was in fairly good condition the last time I was there. That was 20+ years ago. It was a two-story house with a front porch. The only room that was not in good shape was the kitchen. The rest of the house was solid. Bugs such as termites won’t bother yellow poplar wood.

Anna Marie was a widower. She had a son who lived with her until he hung himself on the front porch. Mamaw would talk about Anna Marie and some of the chilling tales she would spin. They would make your hairs stand on ends. Mamaw always told them to be true stories.

Where I Grew Up Is Hidden Away Part 9

Mamaw told a story of how she went to visit Anna Marie. She could make the front door shut by itself. She couldĀ also make a small table in the living room area walk across the floor. My grandmother must have been a brave woman. Because the first time I would have seen the table walking would have been the last time. I wouldn’t have gone back to visit Anna Marie.

My grandmother would also tell another story, Anna Marie. How she would talk about her dead husband coming back to visit her. It was about how she didn’t mind it when he would drag the roof of the house around the yard. But when he placed his ice-cold hands on her, she did not like that. I often wondered a lot while living at home on Quick’s Run. Also, I often wondered if Kissick the ghost, the one that stayed in our house. I wondered if he ever ran into Anna Marie’s husband when he would visit her?


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