The Strange Cavefish – Peril Underground

The year was 1800’s,  the setting was the now closed Domokos prison on the Island of Rhodes in Greece.

Alastair had wrongfully been put into prison for being a defender of the people, he would have been equivalent to a superhero such as Superman, or Spiderman, etc.

He devised a plan to escape the dreary dungeon that he was being held captive at.

He somehow found a spoon like metal object and he began to dig, and he dug and dug and dug. He would dig at night while all were asleep. 

His plan was to tunnel out, but he had to be discrete about it or he could be put to death for attempting to escape. His tunnel was just big enough for his slender frame to go down the hole head first, with no room to even turn around or sit up.

As he was digging one night a hole opened up in the bottom of his tunnel, he peeked his head down in the hole to see if he could see anything. Alastair realized he had dug into a cave that was located under the prison. He then realized that if he could drop down into the cave that he could be free in a jiffy.

He decided which night he was going to try and escape would be a Wednesday night that was the night all the guards had parties and were rarely walking the halls of the prison. He knew that this plan involved him putting himself in peril. But he had decided that it was worth the risk to be able to be free.

Stay tuned because I have plans to continue this story – up next will be “Rhodes Again

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