Where I Grew Up – Is Hidden Away Part 8

I think today I want to talk a little bit about my little country church I attend -Aills Christan Church- not as much as I should or want to attend but nonetheless, I do go sometimes.

My little country church is the same one that I grew up in, it’s located on Quick’s Run Road. My parents still go every time the doors are open.

My earliest memory that I can recall is getting out of the Sunday School Class and going to sit with my Aunt Doris Osman, I miss her dearly she passed away a long time ago but I have never forgotten her.

To this day people still sit basically the same pews every Sunday. Ours was always the very back pew on the left-hand side of the church.

Donnie Stafford and his family set in the next pew in front of us. I miss Donnie an awfully lot as well, he and I, after I had grown up, would stand outside his house and talk about anything and everything. I almost want to say he acted like a second dad almost. There are so many fine folks that have gone on to be with Jesus from that little country church.

There was Elijah “Lige” Greene, Ralph and Dorthy Stafford, Donnie Stafford, Stuart and Bea Vergne, Virgil Mefford, Carl Porter, Mrs. Scott, Larry Wills, Mr. Vergne, Doris Osman, Crystal Love, I may have left some out – I’m sure I did please don’t be offended if I did.  The Preachers have come and gone on to other churches. I think this little country church was a teaching church for the preachers that were attending Kentucky Christian College in Grayson, KY.

I guess the furthest preacher I can remember back is Wayne Mock he and his wife Donna are two outstanding fine people. John Cordle was one of my favorite preachers he passed away a couple of years ago, he is missed but never forgotten. Kevin Duff is the preacher now and does a really good job also.


The church has changed a bit over the years but the people have remained the same, I love all of them dearly they have always welcomed me back with open arms. They have added a couple new rooms onto the church, but it’s still my little country church.

Aills Christian Church 1930’s


Bea Vergne


Doris Osman


Dorothy Stafford


Willie Wills, Donnie Stafford, Larry Wills, Ralph Stafford, Gary Vergne, Stuart Vergne, Jerry Love

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  1. There is so much history with that church – that’s the good thing about small towns. You know everyone and it will always be home.

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting – sorry I didn’t see this comment until now – it put it into the spam folder for some reason.

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