I’m Not Where I Used To Be

As bad as I hate to admit it, I’m not where I used to be. I am getting old and what goes along with getting old I don’t like.  I used to like to be outside for hours at a time. Now I don’t even like to be outside long enough to walk to the car.

I have basically turned into that mean old man that lives across the street. The one that doesn’t like kids on his lawn doesn’t like nosey neighbors and so on and so forth. I used to love fishing, hunting, hiking, camping I was very into the outdoor activities. But once I got hurt that pretty much ended my love for the outdoors. That happened back in 2005 and here it is 2017.

I had allowed myself to go, I had given up and now I am paying for it. I have many aches and pains, along with many health issues. I blame a lot of it on me being a truck driver for 18 years, that is a very hard life to live. Sitting and driving for 10 or 11 hours a day or more sometimes.

Getting one hot meal a day while snacking on junk food and drinking coffee and pop or “soda” for my friends down south. But I have started to take care of myself again. Just think about it back last year in April I was in a wheelchair if I had to go very for Dr’s appointments and or what have you. I couldn’t walk more than about 50 feet.

I had a hospital bed to sleep in, I couldn’t stand in the shower long enough to finish I would have to sit down and then get back in and finish it. I also would have to Amble around using a cane because I would fall quite often. But I did a complete turn around with my life in April of last year. I lost close to 100 pounds that I had to lose in order to be able to have weight loss surgery.

I had the surgery in March and I am slowly getting to where I can eat different things. I had not been shopping in probably 20 or 25 years – and now I go to the Walmarts at least once a week and walk almost the entire store without sitting down. I have to still use my cane but I am walking better.  I’m not where I used to be, but I am headed in that direction.


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