Foggy Killer Part 2

So I left the previous story here:

The story read; legend says that a man by the name John was killed by a stabbing. The waitress could tell that something was wrong with John. His voice trembling asked the waitress if the author was still around. He told the waitress that this exact thing happened to him last night on the bridge. She just smiled back at him and said that it was just a legend, a fictional story, no one had been killed.

John had a sneaky suspicion that the waitress was not telling him everything.  So he decided to go to the Sheriff’s office to see if they would tell him anything. For some reason, John is now seeing visions and hearing voices. Was he going insane?

But when he would stop walking the voices would be quite as if they were somehow watching and following him. It was like being in the show The X-Files or The Twilight Zone…

When John got to the Sheriff’s office he asked to speak to the Sheriff. The deputy asked John what this was in regards to so John began to tell the deputy what had happened. The deputy took John back to the interrogation room and told him to stay there and the Sheriff would be right in to see him.

Sheriff Will Handonsaw was a giant of a fellow, he stood about 6′ 5″ tall and was very stocky. John found it odd that the Sheriff’s last name was the same as the bridge, but John decided to not ask him about.

He came into the interrogation room and sat down at the table. He asked John if he wanted a cup of coffee and John said, yeah that would be great. He then asked John what he could help him with.  John told the Sheriff what had happened the other night on the Handonsaw bridge.

The Sheriff said that was just a legend that got started years ago. He told John to not worry that it was probably the booze that John had consumed. It was probably playing tricks on his mind. He told John to not go and start talking about that and if he did the Sheriff said it might turn out bad for John.




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