Where I Grew Up – Is Hidden Away Part 7

In previous articles on this same subject, I have written about a country store that we owned. It sat in the middle of nowhere and I only remember it being broken into twice.

We didn’t even have security cameras and the nearest neighbor was my grandmother and she was probably 3/4 of a mile away. And a bomb could have exploded outside her place and she would not have heard it.

It had two windows in the front end of the building, but one of them was covered and no way anyone could get in it. The other window had bars over it and not much room between them.

A person who broke into this store – I won’t mention any names – came into the store one night and he had been drinking and looked at the bars on the window and said: “you know I think I can squeeze between those bars”.  I am pretty sure dad stayed in the store all night that night.

My dad is the kind of man that would give you the shirt off his back if you asked for it. He wouldn’t ask for it back or why you needed it either. Dad is a sports nut I would say. He thinks everyone should play some kind of sports. This man goes to Walmarts and buys basketballs and soccer balls and carries them in his truck and gives them away to kids.

I can only remember him ever taking me fishing was one time and we didn’t even have hooks or a fishing pole. He took a paper clip and formed it into a hook and some kind of string and that’s what we used and caught some bluegills with it. He took me squirrel hunting a few times. He had purchased a .410 shotgun and we would use that to hunt squirrels, I don’t ever remember killing any but it was still awesome.

We had a metal barn that sat up the road from the main house and barn about a 1/2 mile away we kept square bales of hay inside it. I remember one night it had been pouring the rain and someone knocked on the door. They said they were stuck because they had pulled into the driveway to “turn” around. I went with dad on the tractor I held the gun while he drove. You could see where they had packed hay to the trunk of their car and then got stuck trying to leave. They were stealing hay.  Dad pulled them out and never turned them in, that is how he is, he’d rather help you out than to see you get into trouble. I guess I could say he is probably the most casual person I have ever known.


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