My Partner In Crime Has Four Legs

I was married for a long 18 years and I thought things were going okay, apparently, I was the only one thinking this.  I have been divorced now for three years, and I have never been happier, except for the years before I was married. I have been disabled since 2005 and can no longer do the things I used to love to do.  I was forced out of my job that I had been doing for 18 years, one that I truly enjoyed.

While I was married we did have a few different dogs one died, two were stolen, and she took the dog with her when she left even though the dog technically was mine.  I missed that dog for a little while and my Dr could tell that I was in need of an emotional support animal but where I lived did not allow animals. But I found out if your Dr fills out a paper stating why you need the animal then no matter what they have to allow it to stay with you.

So I started searching for a dog to adopt and after a couple of let downs – the dogs would already be gone when I would check on them. I found my four legged partner in crime. He is a mixed dog that came with a name that seemed fitting to him. He is a gorgeous animal and smart and house broken. But he came with problems, psychological ones just like I have.

Someone mistreated him or him being dropped off at the pound really messed him up. He made up with me about five days after he got here to my house. But there are still things that he does not like. Cameras, popping noise, the electric being off, knocks at the door, people talking outside our door, thunderstorms, and people he does not know that come into his home just to name a few things. I would not want to go through life without “Mutt”, he truly is my best friend.

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