Foggy Killer

fog bridgeOn a cool spring early morning John was walking home from the bar. The same walk he had made countless times before, he knew the way so good he didn’t need to have a flashlight. As John approached Handonsaw bridge, a tall sketchy looking bridge that was between him and where he lived it crossed over the Handonsaw river.

There was not hardly any traffic early in the morning, it’s a good thing there wasn’t because John was a bit tipsy and stumbling all around. Just as John started to step on to the bridge deck, it suddenly became so foggy that he couldn’t see anything. He didn’t know whether to continue on across the bridge or try and wait it out.

John wanted to get home, he needed to go on home so he decided to risk it. As John made his way along the metal bridge he suddenly heard someone walking and whistling an eerie sound, but John could not see them, and it was getting louder.  He knew whoever it was they were getting closer to him.

figure in fog

Suddenly the walking and whistling sound stopped.  But John could not see anything the fog was so thick.  Suddenly he heard the person whisper his name so that means he was right there beside of him!.  John was so scared he quickly sobered up.  John said what do you want? But no answer was given. John started walking he couldn’t run because he couldn’t see the fog was so thick never had it been so thick.

Finally, John had made it across the bridge and made it home safely.  Later that morning John went into town to have coffee and breakfast. As he entered the diner he picked up the newspaper to read. He sat and ordered his coffee and breakfast and began to read. There was a front page story about a murder that took place many years ago on the Handonsaw bridge, the victim’s name was John. The story in the newspaper described everything that John had experienced just a few hours earlier.

The story read; legend says that a man by the name John was killed by a stabbing. The waitress could tell that something was wrong with John. His voice trembling asked the waitress if the author was still around. He told the waitress that this exact thing happened to him last night on the bridge. She just smiled back at him and said that it was just a legend, a fictional story, no one had been killed.

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    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. This was my first attempt at anything fictional and it was harder than I thought it would be, I am interested to see where it will go if it goes anywhere Lol

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