I Drove a Tractor Trailer for 18 Years


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When I got with my ex-wife years ago I was an EMT with a local Ambulance service. We worked very long hours for very little pay. When I got married my ex-wife had two kids and I took them on as my own.


So in order to achieve that I needed a new job. Everything I looked at wanted some kind of experience in order to get the job.

The only experience I had was working on the farm, and working as an EMT which neither qualified me for any jobs.

I had never driven or even been in a semi until I went to truck driving school. But my first day at truck driving school they took my group out on the highway and drove down to an industrial park. That is where they had us to drive the truck around the industrial park learning to shift the transmission plus we were idling around.

When we had all driven it around the industrial park a few times the instructor had us to pull over and we got out and he allowed us to smoke, and stretch our legs. When we were ready to head back to school he said, “Okay which one of you are going to drive us back”? The other two guys in my group both said they weren’t going to do it, so I said well heck yeah come on I’ll do it.

When we got back to the school when I pulled in I had to back it up in order to park it. When I got it parked the instructor said, “now how many years have you been driving a truck for”? I answered that today was the first time ever even being in one let alone driving one. He didn’t believe me, but it was the truth. I guess growing up on the farm and driving a farm tractor and backing wagons into barns sort of paid off, because I did not have any trouble doing anything they asked me to do, and they would have me do it without giving me any instructions before hand.

Well, that was 21 years ago and I can honestly say that students nowadays in trucking schools come out of school substandard, the schools nowadays just get people in and out so they can “train” another truck driver. I put quotation marks around “train” because there is not anything in a school that you learn will get you ready for being out on the road.

I mean yeah, when you come out of school and get hired at a trucking company they will stick you with a trainer driver and the first thing he or she tells you is to forget everything you learned in truck driving school. The driving test you take in order to receive your CDL is made up by a person that has never even driven a tractor trailer.

In 2016 the Obama administration proposed new training standards for commercial truck and bus drivers. – This is like putting a band-aid on a gaping hole in someone’s chest after being shot.

Under the new rules from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), drivers would have to log a certain number of hours behind the wheel in order to obtain a commercial driver’s license (CDL).

I still say this won’t work…I am just glad that I am no longer out there on the road.



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  1. Scary that they just get them out there; no wonder there are so many accidents 🙄🦉

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