Where I Grew Up – Is Hidden Away Part 4

So I left you all at part three somewhere around here:

Funny story, during Deer season one year he was busy hunting rats and a Kentucky Fish and Wildlife officer “game warden” saw him with a gun and drove up to him and asked how many he had gotten. Dad answered he had killed 10 or 12…the game warden thought dad was Deer hunting.

If you know my Dad and many of you do, you know how he “fibs” a lot. Don’t get me wrong, he is the strongest Christian man I know but he likes to exaggerate the story for the funny effect. Especially if there is no one around to tell the actual story. One time many years ago when we had a 1971 Chevy Cheyenne pickup truck it had a v-8 engine and a three-speed transmission.


chevy cheyenne
1971 Chevy Cheyenne same color as the one we had but ours had all that rust.

After the hay would get rolled up in round bales he would get me in the truck and he would drive really fast straight at a roll of hay and then cut over at the last second and just barely graze the roll of hay.  One time in the winter we had to start feeding the cows rolls of hay right in front of the main barn where we lived.


my house
The main barn is to the left of the driveway.

Of course, it has snowed and everything was covered in ice and snow so he gets the bright idea to try and do what he would do in the field of hay – except this was on ice and snow. Yep, you guessed it he dead centered the roll of hay and busted the grill out of the truck and punched a hole in the radiator. I laughed the whole time he was soldering the hole up in the radiator so it would stop leaking coolant.

That old truck had seen better days – the whole bed of it was rusted out and if you drove it very fast the fender over the back tire would flap in and out like crazy. It got so bad that we went to Vanceburg one day and he pulled into Hop Dunigan’s garage and Hop was laughing so hard that he could barely cut the back fenders off the truck. And then we had to find someone to weld a bunch of flat steel inside the bed so we could still use the truck to haul stuff. My dad never had a “new” vehicle and my mom when she went back to school and became a teacher he went and bought her a Chevy S-10

My dad never had a “new” vehicle and my mom when she went back to school and became a teacher he went and bought her a brand new Chevy S-10  pickup and it was about as plain as you could get I believe. The only luxury item was the automatic transmission. And dad would drive around in hand me down vehicles or some junker he could pick up for a few hundred dollars – he didn’t care.  It was a lot of years later before he ever bought a new truck. I am pretty sure he didn’t get his first new truck until a couple of years after they moved to the new farm on RT.8 where they live now.

farm on 8
This is where they live now.


I know a lot of the readers have no clue where all these places are or who I am talking about,  but there are a lot of people locally reading this story as well so please forgive me if I am acting like everyone should know all these things. I never realized that me telling a story about when I was a youngin would interest so many. I will stop it there for now or I’ll have to write a book if I keep going. I will add more tomorrow, so stay tuned 🙂




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  1. First of all good post. Bear with me it’s going to be a long post.My friend here Jim.. Also is an author.. I see the series.. I have two questions..

  2. Sorry for accidentally hitting the send button, I will continue,
    In your posts some lines are repeated. Is this intentional?
    Second do any of these materials that you publish here in wordpress, would also be published in book? If so than please remember that not more than10%of the work that is written can be published online. If you accidently do it. Then your publication rights is taken away.
    Thirdly, this is the habit of readers to read through tags. So for various competition and prompts various tag could be helpful. I wish to see you in these prompt challenges. Ex. The daily post has the daily post tag..
    Keep blogging sorry about my blabbering..

    1. The repeat I would say is intentional the only one I can find wasn’t completely the same but it started off worded the same. No none of this is in a book, just in my head. Thanks for your insights and yes I do the daily post prompt challenge.

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